About “404:The requested page was not found” Error

For some reason,site was down.


“http://crazyhdsource.com/hiddenlinks/links-27thapr-2015″ If a link like this,put A [space] between “hidden” and “links”.

So the real page is: [http://crazyhdsource.com/hidden links/links-27thapr-2015]

Have a try :)

Or like this one:
http://crazyhdsource.com/hidden%20links/links-11thjun2014 ======not working,right?

Try this:delete %20

Then,http://crazyhdsource.com/hiddenlinks/links-11thjun2014 ========working:)

  • #1 written by leejbarker
    about 9 months ago

    I’ll stop bothering you as much now ;)

    • #2 written by lordsource
      about 8 months ago

      So,all good now,right?
      Cool :)

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