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  • #1 written by suntzee
    about 1 week ago

    Hi Lordsource

    Any chance for DEXTER the seasons S1-S8?
    Currently only a few episodes. Want to start from the beginning since S09 is quite good.
    Many thanks

  • #2 written by zeus163
    about 2 weeks ago

    It seems that some of the season 04 episodes are incomplete or missing. Episode 01, 02 and 21 are incomplete and 03 and 07 are missing. I hope you’ll be able to re-up them. Thank you for all of your hard work.

    • #3 written by zeus163
      about 2 weeks ago

      Oops. I’m referring to Blue Bloods. Sorry.

  • #4 written by luthfimahendra
    about 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for uploading complete season of The Nanny, I have been waiting to watch the whole series again in better solutions.
    Please find more classic series, wondering if Growing Pains is available in HD resolution.
    Thanks again for the good work !!

  • #5 written by OldGeezer916
    about 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for The Nanny. Please, more of these classic series! :)

  • #6 written by TheCrow
    about 3 weeks ago

    Can you reupload the rest of this:


    its missing EP 4 to 7

    and you reupload the whole season of this:


    the links are missing :( Please & Thank You.

    Thanks for all your hard work and your are appreciated.

    • #7 written by TheCrow
      about 3 weeks ago

      I mean the whole season of


      sorry typo lol

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