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  • luilui
    #8 written by luilui 1 week ago


    Can I get access to The Bourne Legacy 2012 720p 1080p BluRay x264 DTS-HDChina, please?
    Error on the page, no download links shown:
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  • fontastic
    #9 written by fontastic 1 week ago

    Any chance of getting these in 1080p please?



  • OldGeezer916
    #10 written by OldGeezer916 1 week ago

    I did contact Extmatrix. They just confirmed my account was OK & the links worked. I came up with the idea to use a VPN. It works but it’s slow. I have to use a virtual Windows machine because some sites don’t like you logging in with different IP addresses. It took me 3 hours of trying to get back back into Facebook. My virtual is Windows 7. I don’t like putting it online because Microsoft bricked my security updates because I have 7th generation processor. Just trying to force everyone to 10 spyware. Fuck ‘em I’m using Linux. (Ubuntu) My kid set up a more “user friendly” version. Right now my only problem is server 5 & 15. The 15 links I couldn’t get 3 weeks ago are coming down. Slow, but they work. By the way, thanks for Mr Bean!

    • lordsource
      #11 written by lordsource 1 week ago


  • OldGeezer916
    #12 written by OldGeezer916 1 week ago

    I played around & found something that works. For some reason a VPN set to Washington DC lets me download server 5. I’ll try 15 later. So it looks like the problem isn’t Extmatrix.It’s their host. Just glad it’s not a crash like when the old server 2 died!

    • lordsource
      #13 written by lordsource 1 week ago

      You should contact extmatrix if you need it.
      They told me that you should contact them.

  • OldGeezer916
    #14 written by OldGeezer916 1 week ago

    It looks like ALL of today’s links I have tried are on server 5. They downloaded part way & then went offline hours ago. My internet is online. I randomly went back & tried older links & everything I tried back to November 22th was on server 5 & are dead. A link I tried from November 21st was on server 6 & is working. You may need to reupload everything back to November 22nd if it doesn’t come back up. I will keep running today’s links in Jdownloader & it will keep trying to restart them every 16 minutes while I go back to bed. Server 15 did the same thing on November 10th & still down.

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